Our Programs

What We do

The premise behind BPB is simple: Many children who qualify for free breakfast and lunch at school are likely to have no food in
their homes over the weekend. We serve children in all the schools in Bluffton from Pre-K to High School and the Elementary and Junior/Senior High Schools in Hardeeville.  Our approach is
somewhat different than most as we have four unique initiatives

The traditional program

The traditional solution is to provide bags of food each Friday for children identified by school personnel as being most at risk for being hungry over the weekend. Currently, 250 children in 4 Bluffton Elementary schools received bags each week.

The Box Program or BPB II

The children who participate are selected according to the same criteria as those used in the traditional program, but instead of back packs going home every Friday, the children’s families pick up boxes of food at school each month which help to supplement the whole family’s nutritional needs. Each box contains about $40 worth of shelf-stable food and is a better solution for older children and large families. Currently, over 1000 children and their families are served by this program.

Monthly Produce Program

While our Bag and Box programs have successfully provided nutritious food for a number of years, we have always known that something was missing; fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce is important in promoting good health, physical growth and brain development as well as increasing a child’s focus and enhance his ability to learn. We are currently averaging 150 baskets/month of produce a month. Beginning in June 2024 a new “arm” will be added to the Summer Program which will provide a grocery bag full of shelf stable foods to each family as they come to the Market for their  fresh produce.

The Summer Program

Being concerned about the children during the summer, a very unique summer program was developed. Children in both of the school programs receive vouchers at the end of the school year to be used at the Bluffton Farmer’s Market on Calhoun St. Each week of summer vacation, they are able to redeem the vouchers for fresh produce.