Our Mission & Purpose

The Purpose of BackPack Buddies of Bluffton and Hardeeville is to impact the current and future well-being of chronically hungry school children in our communities.

How & Why We Began

In late 2010, Crossroads Community Support Services with a number of partnering organizations began exploring ways to address this critical issue, ultimately developing BackPack Buddies of Bluffton (BPB). A high percentage of children in our schools are food-deprived—with the problem being especially acute on the weekends and in the summer when they are not in school to receive free breakfast and lunch.

Our goal

Our goal is to help eliminate this chronic childhood hunger and to rectify the inherent obstacles it presents to the children. Hungry children cannot focus and learn, their physical development suffers, and their health and emotional well-being are compromised. By addressing childhood hunger from an early age, the hope is that they will be better prepared and motivated to continue their education and to develop the skills to achieve. The community, as well as the children, benefits with healthier children, lower school drop-out rates, less crime and less dependence on community resources.